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About the Fellowship
Fellowship Details
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About the Fellowship

The Jewish Impact Films Fellowship was established by leading Hollywood producers to empower the next generation of young Jewish thinkers to use creative media, specifically short internet-based films, to effectively communicate positive, unbiased, educational messages about Judaism and our historic and biblical ties to the Land of Israel. 


Jewish Impact Films strives to serve an educational purpose even if the viewpoints or positions advocated are unpopular or are not generally accepted.  Therefore: 

  • In every case, we will strive to provide a factual foundation for the viewpoint or position being advocated, and the relevant facts that would materially aid a reader, listener, or viewer in a learning process.   
  • We will strive not to present any viewpoints or positions if they are unsupported by facts supporting those viewpoints or positions.
  • We will not distort any facts in order to support any viewpoints or positions.    
  • We will not use any inflammatory or disparaging terms or express conclusions based more on strong emotional feelings than on objective evaluations.  We will counter any such inflammatory or disparaging statements or conclusions with objective facts.
  • We will develop an understanding with our audience which considers its background and training and take that into account in making any presentation to be sure that the messages being conveyed are educational and instructive.   
  • We will not influence any legislation.
  • We will not support any candidacy for any person seeking political office.
  • We support the rights of Jews to strengthen our ties to the Land of Israel, our historical and biblical homeland, through education and experience by traveling to Israel to discover and re-discover our heritage. 

The program is intended for creative, computer-savvy Jewish college students, film students and recent graduates. Applicants should be interested in learning more about the central challenges facing Israel and Judaism and should be creative thinkers, able to convey passionate ideas through smart and impactful internet movies.

The Jewish Impact Films Fellowship comprises four major components:

  • Creating Internet Movies
  • Exploring Jewish and Israel studies
  • Participating in a think tank with like minded peers
  • Chilling out with top Jewish producers, artists, musicians, educators and officials interested in changing the world's perception on Israel and Judaism.

Only fifteen Fellowships will be awarded.


Fellowship Details

Internet movies -- pithy, smart, and impactful -- are as influential today as well-written editorials were a decade ago. Grassroots, creative and funny, virally distributed internet movies create a buzz, make a point and change opinions powerfully and quickly. Imagine having the subject you are passionate about shoved in the face of everyone you know and a hundred thousand strangers.

Over the course of the program, each of the Fellows will make three short films.

The films will range in time anywhere from fifteen seconds to three minutes.

These films will educate, inspire and be designed to be circulated worldwide over the Internet and play on the JIF website.

In order to ensure professional and polished internet films, top Hollywood television and movie producers (from such productions as The Simpsons, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Third Rock from the Sun, Shrek 2, and Jimmy Neutron), musicians and advertising gurus will work as mentors for all the Fellows, aiding in the conceptualization and editing process.

The Jewish Impact Films Fellowship was designed to address the challenges facing Israel and Judaism. Together, dynamic young Jewish thinkers will create a film collection of short thought-provoking, original internet movies worthy of aggressive internet distribution.

The Fellowship seeks to provide participants with:

  • Tools and ideas to make impactful films that will change the Jewish world and the world at large.
  • Sophisticated understanding of the public relations obstacles facing Israel and the Jewish people.
  • A background in Jewish studies.
  • Networking opportunities.

Chill out with top Hollywood producers, Media gurus and Jewish figures

Engage in creative facilitation exercises with top Hollywood producers, talk one-on-one with Jewish media professionals about strategy, and exchange ideas with Jewish leaders.

Creative Think Tank

Just the like the famed Hollywood "writers' room", participants will brainstorm together unique ways to help the Jewish people and Israel.

Jewish and Israel Studies

Complementing the filmmaking, there will be daily workshops and discussion on Jewish thought and Israel studies. The workshops and discussion will focus on such varied subjects as performing mitzvot, the role of Israel in American Jewish identity, Israel advocacy and Jewish ethics as they pertain to media.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are We Doing This?
Who cares about small internet movies? Why are successful Hollywood professionals wasting their time with this? Why would advertisers, musicians and Rabbis show up here, especially when they've already eaten?

Because the Jewish world needs help. The Jewish people are currently facing two major challenges. In Israel, terrorists are continuing to attack Jewish civilians while all the while winning over the hearts and minds of much of the non-Jewish world and, tragically, some of the ill-informed Jewish world as well. The least we can do is make a compelling case for Israel and for ourselves.

Around the world Jews are disappearing. Jews are rejecting Judaism and its values from a state of ignorance. Again, the least we can do is provide an entrée for thoughtful people to re-approach this vast ocean of knowledge and spirituality with a renewed interest.

How Can I Afford Such A Great Program?
It's free. Can you afford free? Then you can afford this.

Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

Will I be responsible for finding food?
We will put the food in an obvious place and we will pay for all of it.



If you are a creative person who wants to make the world a better place, work with top industry professionals, and grow spiritually, then the directors of Jewish Impact Films invite you to apply to be a Fellow at our Premiere Summer Program. This will be a summer you will always remember.

The Jewish Impact Films Fellowship is open to Jewish college students; film students and recent graduates; and experienced professionals in the field willing to contributes their talents for teaching and moviemaking.

  • Candidates do not need any particular software experience, though the computer should not be an intimidating, mysterious box that makes the candidates cry.
  • Candidates do not need to bring any technical equipment.
  • Candidates should come to Jewish Impact Films with ideas they would like to see filmed, as well as a willingness to discuss and learn about other new ideas.
  • Candidates should enjoy working in teams and be ready to think creatively in a supportive and safe environment.

A Sample Day

A Sample Day's schedule from the premiere program last summer in Los Angeles.:

9 - 10 am
Lecture given by amazing Rabbis with breakfast outdoors at a café.

10.30 am - 1 pm
Skills work on Final Cut Pro, the editing software increasingly used all over Hollywood.

1 - 2 pm
Lunch on-site. Think Tank in session.

2 - 3 pm
Media gurus lecture on effective, meaningful commercials. Critiques some work from fellows. Casting begins for approved films.

3 - 6.30 pm
Rewrite on second film script, consultations with Executive Producers. Groups break up, talk to Yaron about production.

6.30 - 8 pm
Dinner, out, or barbeque in.

8pm - 2am
Editing, philosophizing, wondering why I'm still awake and how I'm going to get up tomorrow.



The application for our Summer 2006 fellowship will be posted soon. To find out when it's available, join our mailing list by clicking here.