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Our Mission  

Let's face it -- education and advocacy for the Jewish People and our historic ties to the Land of Israel, our biblical homeland, could be a lot better.  Muslim fundamentalism is sweeping the Arab world, anti-semitism is rearing its ugly head in Europe and Asia, and so-called "peace" advocacy groups spread lies about us.  The internet has become fertile ground for these lies and hatred.  The problem is that up until those with the skills to counter these lies have not been involved in the process. Think about it. Who has the money to purchase a radio or television station, or to fund educational network television commercials, or purchase full page ads in the New York Times to counter these lies?  

Now there is an alternative. Jewish Impact Films.

Here's how it works: 

During our intensive three week summer Fellowships, leading Hollywood producers and advertising executives brainstorm with top college and films students from around the world to write, shoot, and professionally edit positive, unbiased, educational messages about Judaism and our historic and biblical ties to the Land of Israel.  Messages which will play 24/7 on the internet. The message gets out, the next generation of Jewish movie makers is inspired and trained, and sharp, sharp movies get produced which everyone can enjoy and benefit from. It's a win-win-win. But to do it we need your help. No donation is too small or too large. Give generously and make yourself part of the answer.

The Fellowship

The Jewish Impact Films Fellowship was established by leading Hollywood producers to empower the next generation of young Jewish thinkers to use creative media, specifically short internet-based films, to effectively communicate positive, unbiased, educational messages about Judaism and our historic and biblical ties to the Land of Israel. 


Jewish Impact Films strives to serve an educational purpose even if the viewpoints or positions advocated are unpopular or are not generally accepted.  Therefore: 

  • In every case, we will strive to provide a factual foundation for the viewpoint or position being advocated, and the relevant facts that would materially aid a reader, listener, or viewer in a learning process.   
  • We will strive not to present any viewpoints or positions if they are unsupported by facts supporting those viewpoints or positions.
  • We will not distort any facts in order to support any viewpoints or positions.    
  • We will not use any inflammatory or disparaging terms or express conclusions based more on strong emotional feelings than on objective evaluations.  We will counter any such inflammatory or disparaging statements or conclusions with objective facts.
  • We will develop an understanding with our audience which considers its background and training and take that into account in making any presentation to be sure that the messages being conveyed are educational and instructive.   
  • We will not influence any legislation.
  • We will not support any candidacy for any person seeking political office.
  • We support the rights of Jews to strengthen our ties to the Land of Israel, our historical and biblical homeland, through education and experience by traveling to Israel to discover and re-discover our heritage. 

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